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Have you ever wondered if your Résumé, Cover Letter, Key Selection Criteria or LinkedIn Profile is up to the standard it needs to be? What does an Australian Résumé, Cover Letter, Key Selection Criteria and LinkedIn Profile look like? What are the standards required in Australia?  How do I get into the Australian job market if I live overseas?  How will you stand out from the crowd?  How does your Résumé, Cover Letter, Key Selection Criteria or LinkedIn Profile get 'flagged' when it is scanned by sophisticated software?  What if I have not worked for a long time?  What if I don't have a Résumé because I have never needed one before?  

Are you wondering why you are not getting a response or receiving automatic generic unsuccessful emails from prospective employers, even when you know you tick all of the boxes?  Are you wondering why you never had a problem before in getting an interview and now you can't even get that phone call?

We at Proven Résumé Results are the only professional Résumé Writing business that offers their clients FREE Assessments Worldwide.  Simply, email your Résumé, Cover Letter, Key Selection Criteria or LinkedIn Profile to us by completing the form on this page and we will provide you with a FREE no obligation Assessment that is kept strictly confidential.

You and Your Documents do NOT get a second chance to make a First Impression!!

So, what have you got to lose? Email us today.  You will be contacted by one of our friendly staff within 24 hours.

Here are some of our client’s free assessment success stories:

Hi Carmel, Thank you for providing a FREE Assessment on my existing overseas Résumé and Cover Letter. I was not sure what the standard was in Australia and now I do and it's FREE!! 

Abib (India) IT Industry

Hi Bernadette, Wow what a service you offer and it's FREE.  I had no idea what my Key Selection Criteria was supposed to include and after only 5 minutes of your advice I already know what to improve on.  Thanks heaps

Andrew (Queensland) Retail/Sales

Hi Carmel, Thank you taking the time to speak with me about my LinkedIn Profile.  I am a return to work mum and have not worked for 10 years.  I was grateful for your time and insight from your HR experience.

Sally (Shepparton) Banking/Finance


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