Our Client's Success Stories:

Hi Bernadette, 

Thank you for updating my Resume, I have already had one interview and an interview with an employment agency, I have been on Seek applying for jobs and I'm getting calls left right and centre, the feedback is they love my Resume, I just have to sell myself now!! 

Thank you once again for your ongoing support.

Kind regards 

Lisa (Melbourne) Administration

Hi Carmel,

Going for my recent interview was a real boost to my confidence. They really liked me and stated that I was the outstanding candidate, however they could only offer me minimal hours, so I had to decline the position because I need more hours at the moment. Onwards and upwards, I will keep looking and will be in touch if I need your expertise.
PS. Your interview coaching was invaluable, I can’t tell you how good I feel!

Tracey (Ballarat) Senior Administration

Hi Carmel,

Thank you for responding to my request so quickly and for seeing me after hours. I put the call out there on Facebook looking for a professional resume writer and you came highly recommended by many.
I submitted my documents right after I left you on Saturday afternoon and Monday night I received an email advising I had made it to the next round already!! I was told you knew how to ‘work magic when writing resumes’! Thank you and I’ll keep you posted.

Elise (Ballarat) Manufacturing

Hi Carmel,

I just wanted to thank you for all of your assistance and for making this process so simple and easy. I have submitted our Business Excellence Award Applications, so fingers crossed! 

You were a great help and offered very useful advice so I do appreciate it immensely.

Building Company (Ballarat) Business Excellence Awards Applications

Hi Carmel, 

I just thought I'd let you know my good news. I have been successful in gaining employment with a position with Corrective Services, an application you helped me with. So very happy. I couldn’t have got there without you.

Thank you so much.
Regina (NSW) Correctional Services

Hi Carmel,

Just letting you know that the resume and application you wrote for me for the Department of Justice worked! I have an interview tomorrow!!! They have just phoned me – thank you so much as I did not think I stood a chance. You are amazing.

Liz (Ballarat) Department of Justice and Regulation

Hi Bernadette, 

I hope you are well, just writing to tell you I got employment with a Law firm in the CBD (I am so happy). The HR Manager really liked my Resume, I had an Interview and got the job. I am now loving life, thank you so much for your help along the way.

Kind regards 

Lisa (Melbourne) Legal

Dear Bernadette, 

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful resume and cover letter, and for the self-confidence that they gave me. Reading my resume made me realise I am actually employable and had lots to offer; a real 'mental shift' from before, especially from not knowing where to start to get work outside the home after 15 years.

I applied for a job, tweaked the cover letter, followed all your advice and managed to get through two interviews, hearing on Thursday that I got the job!! 

Thank you so much, your gift for writing and selling your clients in an honest yet appealing way has been all the difference for me and I am sure for so very many others. 

With gratitude and blessings, 

Bernadette (Melbourne) - NDIS

Hi Bernadette, Thank you for doing my resume.

Within two weeks of submitting my CV to large cleaning businesses I had 3 interested groups who wanted to interview me.

I am now Victorian State Manager for the largest global cleaning and facility management group OCS facilities services Australia.

I am enjoying my new role and want to thank you in giving me advice that lead to this position and most of all making me believe I can take this role on instead of just taking any role.

Regards, Robert (Melbourne) - Cleaning & Facility Management

Hi Carmel, Confirming that I have an interview tomorrow for the Coordinator position. Your excellence in job application skills and knowledge ensured my application surpassed the normal standard application. I hope I can do your work justice. Thanks

Rod (Ballarat)  - Not-for-Profit

Hi Bernadette,

I would like to thank you for being a great guiding light during entire job searching process.  

Finally, I've got my dream job and don't have words to express my gratitude.

To be crisp and short, following things were really really helpful for me to get my dream job :

  1. Tailored resume
  2. Impressive cover letter with key words
  3. Prompt guidance over phone call
  4. Behavioural interview questionnaire
  5. Interview preparation tips
  6. LinkedIn profile development

And above all, timely motivation!!!

I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for help in job search.

Shaun (Melbourne) - Sales 

Hi Bernadette, 

I just wanted to thank you for working with me, to prepare my resume and the useful tips you gave me with the interview coaching. I am proud to say that your method and Proven Resumes as a business works effectively to help people become not only job but interview ready. I am proud to say that I was very successful in getting a graduate surveyor role. I do feel I was luckily and very fortunate on how quickly I was able to land a graduate role as it is very competitive. However with your help and guidance I was able to nail the interview, and you made it possible.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress, thank you again!

Liam (Ballarat) - Graduate Surveyor 

Dear Carmel, thank you so much for helping me with my graduate applications and interviews. Because of you, I have now managed to secure a graduate year for 2017 at my number one chosen hospital and I couldn’t be happier! I will recommend your service to everyone! So THANK YOU for everything, and for believing in me!

Belinda (Ballarat) - Graduate Nurse/Midwife 

Hi Carmel, I have just had my interview and I think it went really well. At the end I asked them what made them choose me for an interview? They said my whole application was really easy to read, intelligent and laid out professionally!! Thank you so much (again) you are a Super Star!!

Shelley (Ballarat) - Financial Accountant 

Hi Bernadette,

Thank you for all the work you have done with my son. He was a little sceptical about the value before he started the process (as you would expect) but was extremely pleased with the professional advice and guidance you gave him. Anyway, thank you again.

Martin (Ballarat) - Surveyor 

Thank you so much for your time yesterday and for the wonderful work you have done on my resume and accompanied documents! I sound so good now even I'd hire me!! Thanks Carmel, much appreciated.

Sharon (Ballarat) - Administration Accounts Manager

Hi Bernadette,

I would like to thank you for your help with my resume and cover letter. I secured a Nursing Graduate year in the program at the hospital I wanted. I would like to thank you again so much for your help with my resume and cover letter. I was accepted for all of my four interviews I applied for. Thank you again Bernadette.

Emily (Geelong) - Graduate Nurse 

Carmel I cannot thank you enough for my very succinct cover letter and resume you wrote for me. I really struggled when I tried to write it and I didn’t think there would be anyone ‘good enough’ to be able to write it for me as my industry is so specific and these programs are inundated with applicants!! You have given me so much more confidence and I can’t wait to tell you more about the process as it unfolds.

Roger (Ballarat) - Graduate Engineer (Mining and Petrochemical)

Hi Bernadette,

Hope you have been well. Firstly let me say thank you for providing me with a great resume . I got great marks for it and am pleased to say i passed my course and am now a qualified teachers aide with a certificate to show for it.

Diana (Melbourne) – Teacher’s Aide 

Hi Bernadette,

Hope you are well. I thought I would let you know some good news. I got a speech pathologist position. Thank you so much for helping me with my CV and cover letter. I am sure the high quality application helped in me being selected for the position. I can't thank you enough. All the best. 

Rebecca (Melbourne) – Speech Pathologist 

Hi Bernadette,

3 weeks after our sit down, I was lucky enough to gain full time employment with a superannuation company. I appreciate your work on my resume and am very confident that it was the key component of gaining employment. Thank you for all your help.

Julian (Melbourne) - Superannuation 

“Hi Carmel, the resume, cover letter and Selection Criteria look amazing!! Thank you so much for doing them - I really appreciate all the effort you have gone to.

I will definitely keep you posted. I can't thank you enough. You always reply quickly to any requests whether it be just a return phone call or amending my documents and I really appreciate your professionalism.

Thank you once again for your outstanding work”!

Glenys (Ballarat) - Teacher 


"Hi Carmel,

The resume looks great! I love the professional profile, it is very catchy and to the point. I cannot believe what you (we) achieved being a state apart (you in Ballarat Victoria and me in Sydney NSW). Your online resume writing service is very unique and a credit to you and your business.

I will be starting a new job next week."

Dave (Sydney) - Medical Physics Scientist

"Hello Carmel,

I did get a job with your resume help, I cannot thank you enough. Would definitely call upon your expertise when needed again and I’ve highly recommended your services."

Janelle (Ballarat) - Graduate Nurse 

"Hello Bernadette,

I found a job immediately and started on the 15th February, which was a huge relief!  Thank you again for the résumé services and I do not believe I would have this position without your work. I have also been recommending your services to my friends too."

Anita (Melbourne) – Product Development Scientist 

"Hi Carmel,

Thanks so much for the great Resume writing seminar today.

The content was relevant and you presented it in a way that was so easy to understand. I left the session with all the information I'd hoped to and more!

It's obvious that you not only have an incredible knowledge base, but an undeniable passion too! I will be sure to email my resume to you for a Free assessment (including all of the tips and tricks you taught me today).  Thanks again."

Therese (Ballarat) - FREE Resume Writing Seminar 

"Hello Carmel, just wanted to let you know I was successful with my application. The organisation stated they had hundreds of applications from all parts of Australia! Thank you for your hard work on such short notice to get me to interview. I will continue to recommend you to others as I could not be happier and I will be forever grateful for your hard work!"

Patricia (Ballarat) - Accommodation Manager 

"Dear Bernadette, It was lovely to hear from you. I got the Tasmania job and am now in Hobart. Thank you very much for working on my CV. I won't hesitate to refer others to you and will contact you for those other services if needed in the future. "

Lucy (Hobart) - Rehabilitation Doctor

"I really like the professional approach used by 'Proven Resume Results' to upgrade my resume and cover letter. As selection criteria is essential to get the job, I have used this service too and looking forward to getting my desired job. Carmel has been excellent throughout the process and has turned my resume into gold. Thank You."

Talib (Canberra) - Journalist/Strategic Communications Coordinator

Hi Bernadette

Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know I've had my first interview since my new resume.

The recruiter mentioned they loved my cover letter/resume :)

Thanks so much Bernadette, I haven't had an interview in 6 weeks, and after 1 week with the new look, things are improving.

I have progressed to the 2nd round interviews so fingers crossed.

Thanks and best wishes

Alana (Melbourne) - Team Leader

Hi Carmel,

Thank you for the follow up. I have been fortunate in pickup up a position out at the Uni, as you would recall gaining a position locally was the goal. Prior to this I was working as a contract project manager in Geelong.

I would like to thank you for your professional work. There is no doubt that it made a significant difference that resulted in me obtaining interviews and ultimately a range of offers.

Thank you again for all of your assistance.

Ben (Ballarat) IT/Technical Network Engineer

Hi Bernadette, just some feedback on the resume you completed for me. Applied for 4 roles on seek, have had 3 call backs and guess what, I have my first interview on Monday!!!! So far all have really liked the resume and cover letter. Thanks for your hard work

Andrew (Melbourne) Operations Manager

Hi Bernadette, Thank you again for your attention to my application. You truly have a talent for understanding skills and highlighting the key points relating to a desired role. 

Susan (QLD) Hospital Surgical Area 

Hi Carmel, I have just read my documents and they are exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you for your help and for fitting me in at short notice. Your online resume writing service is a testament to you and your professional organisation.

Lyndon (Ballarat) Education Sector

Hi Carmel,

Thank you so much for your help I will highly recommend you to anyone that needs a resume or anything to do with applying for a job. Very professional! Love your work 10 out of 10!! Happy customer

Andrew (Ballarat) Construction/Civil Engineering

Thank you Carmel! After 15 years in the same job, then having to face redundancy and the transition back into the workforce again was so daunting! I had no idea what was expected ‘nowadays’ and after initially speaking with you, it astounded me to find out how hard it was to stand out and what Employers were looking for in a job application!! With your help, guidance and outstanding work I applied for 3 jobs and got 3 interviews! You were definitely my ‘phone a friend’ and I am so glad I met you. I started my new job yesterday and I am loving it!

Joanne (Ballarat) Real Estate/Sales

Hi Bernadette, The day after you wrote my resume, I walked into Downer Rail and handed it to them.  That same day I got an interview and I just received confirmation that I got the job! Thank you so much and I have already forwarded on your business cards.

Richard (Melbourne) Rail

Hi Bernadette, I got the job! Thank you for your help with my resume, it stands out from all the rest, awesome!

Hemy (Melbourne) Procurement Manager

Hi Bernadette, I came and saw you a few weeks ago and I just wanted to say thank you as I managed to get a brilliant job. Nearly every single job I applied for I got an interview for and was lucky that in the end I was able to choose from 5 job offers. 

Paul (Melbourne), Administration

Carmel, thank you so much. The outstanding resume and cover letter you wrote for me enabled me to stand out and continue my dream job. There are many in my 'industry' that will be forever grateful.

Margaret (Ballarat) Counsellor

Carmel your professionalism and ability to write a brilliant resume is like my flair for colour, fashion and design! Thank you I got the job and I start on Monday.

Tiffany (Ballarat) Fashion Designer 

Hi Bernadette, Having derived from an executive background and being at the later stage in my life, I have never needed a resume, having always being headhunted I had no idea of what one even looked like. I now do and I got the interview within 24 hours!

John (Melbourne) Chief Financial Officer

Hello Bernadette, Thank you for creating a resume and cover letter that did the trick in getting me a job especially in the highly competitive "vet" world.

Sophie (Geelong) Veterinarian

Thank you Carmel for not only providing such a professional service and resume, but for writing my documents for me at such short notice. I still feel bad for putting you under pressure but without you and your help I just know I wouldn't have got the interview.

Rebecca (Ballarat) Dental Nurse

Thanks Bernadette, I am now working as a Fitter and Turner, thumbs up to your level of professionalism.

Bernadette (Melbourne) Fitter and Turner

Hi Carmel, I've been meaning to send this email after we spoke on the phone a couple of weeks ago, I've been so excited about my new job that nothing else seems to matter.  I would like to sincerely thank you for the outstanding service that you provided for me with your Smart Resume Package.  I had been unemployed for 14 months, had a handful of interviews but never successful.  Now armed with a professional resume and letter of application I was selected to interview for a position as Vehicle Stock Controller for two dealerships with a local motor car dealer. The one on one interview coaching gave me the confidence and ability to go into the interview in a much more relaxed manner knowing I had the answers to the screwy questions that had previously left me squirming in my seat.
I would recommend your services to anyone.  The cost of the package is far outweighed by the benefit as it has now paid for itself, in spades.  The benefit that I have received is an awesome, full time, permanent position that utilises my experience and skills in a great work environment that is challenging and rewarding.  Who could possibly ask for more?  I have absolutely no doubt that the package and coaching you provided gave me the edge and I NAILED IT!!!  I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year and once again, thank you, you are AWESOME.  

Cheers, Jacki (Moyston) Vehicle Stock Controller

Hi Carmel, I wanted to thank you again for your professional work on  my resume. It was only a few days after our meeting I received a call from Thiess HR offering me a position on the highest paying construction site in Australia. I have already passed on your details to a mate of mine and will continue to do so in the future.

Matt (Ballarat) Mining/Construction Industry

Hi Bernadette, I was successful in gaining interviews. I was lucky enough to get my first preference for a graduate position. I'll highly recommend your services to next years grad nurses.

Allison (Geelong) Graduate Nurse 

Just wanted to say thanks Carmel. As you know I got the interview thanks to your resume and cover letter, and I just had to write to you again to say thank you for the interview coaching. It really saved me, I got the job! I would not hesitate to recommend you and your professional business to anyone. 

Jason (Geelong) Department of Defence

Thank you Carmel! You are not going to believe it! I submitted my resume and cover letter that you so professionally wrote for me at 5.35pm and by 6.05pm the employer rang me and asked me to go in the next day for an interview! I have never had a response to any of the applications that I submitted before I met you, and then WOW I received a response with 1/2 an hour of submitting the documents you wrote for me! I will be recommending you and your services to everyone I know!! I just couldn't be happier in my new job and I couldn't have done it without you. THANK YOU!!

Linda (Ballarat) Finance/Payroll Administration Officer

Hi Carmel, I cannot thank you enough and I wanted to tell everyone how you helped me! I submitted my application including a key selection criteria and then the next day I received a telephone call advising I had been shortlisted to attend an interview!! At the interview they commended me on how professionally written my application was and that I was 1 in 6 that was being interviewed (out of 240 applications!) With your tips and advice of how to answer those really hard questions, I nailed it!!! Yay! I am now working for the Government.  I just couldn't be happier and I just cannot thank you enough Carmel!

Renae (Ballarat) Government Organisation

Hi Carmel, Wow! Thank you! After owning my own business for over 10 years (and never having a resume to actually apply for a job as I have never needed one) this was quite a daunting exercise for me. I was referred to you from a friend and thanks to her and your outstanding resume (even my new employer could not believe how professionally written it was)...I got an interview the day after I submitted it!! And then I was told at the end of the interview that I got the job! (Thanks for interview coaching, tips and advice!) Here I was thinking that it was going to be a long process but with your help I nailed it! I have now told everybody I know about you and if they want to stand out and secure an interview and land a job then see you! I am so excited and could not be more grateful. Thanks again!

Jeff (Ballarat) Industrial Machinist

Hi Bernadette, I can't believe I am now working at Corrections Victoria. Whilst it is completely different to anything I have ever done before, I love it. Thank you for everything, from the start to the end you were a true professional.

Nadia (Melbourne) Corrections

Good Morning Carmel, as you are aware I established connections with you and your company via your website where you were kind enough to provide me with a free assessment of my existing resume. In our initial conversation I explained to you that applying for a position was a very new thing for me (and how frustrating the whole process was) as I have always been approached by companies/firms to work for them. Thank you for being a part of my journey as I am not sure the result would have been as successful without your professionalism, brilliant documents and advice. Take care.

David (Geelong) Chief Executive Officer

Hi Bernadette, Guess what! I got the job and the full-time one that I wanted.  Thank you for all your help.

Cass (Melbourne) Forensics

Hi Bernadette, Just to let you know that I obtained two interviews with the hospitals that we applied for in relation to the Graduate Nurse Program.  Thank you for your support.

Linh (Geelong) Graduate Nurse

Way to go Carmel. Thanks heaps for writing my resume. I went to the interview and they rang me the next day and said I had the job. I start tomorrow. Keep up the good work.

Michael (Bacchus Marsh) Plumber

Hi Bernadette, I obtained three interviews from the four hospitals we applied for the 2015 Gradate Nurse Program.  Thank you so much.

Chi (Melbourne) Graduate Nurse

Hi Carmel, I just wanted to say thank you so much! The key selection criteria that you wrote was just amazing! You have done a fantastic job with everything and have given me a lot of confidence to apply for the position. You're very talented and I am sure to tell other people about you and how you have helped me out.

Amanda (Ballarat) Administrative Accounts Customer Service Officer

Hi Carmel, I got the job! Thank you so much for your help! I just know that I couldn't have done it without you. I felt so confident with my resume that you so professionally put together and my employer obviously thought so to. Thanks again!

Jackie (Ballarat) Mental Health Manager/Coordinator

Hi Carmel, Thank you for your support, encouragement and your professional documentation, as I feel these were all major components to achieving this goal.  I would recommend your service to anyone who requires assistance with applying for any position, especially when addressing key selection criteria. I just cannot thank you enough!

Heather (Ballarat) Nurse

Hi Bernadette, I was offered a full time position at the Childcare Centre that we applied to.  This was the first position I had applied for.  Many Thanks

Prathima (Melbourne) Childcare Educator

Hi Bernadette, I had all intentions of getting back to earlier, just been a little busy in my new role!! After 2 interviews I got the job as Dispatch Coordinator, which was an amazing feeling.  Even the agency commented on your fantastic resume, I believe this is why I got the interview. Thank you so much.

Sue (Geelong) Dispatch Coordinator

Good Afternoon Carmel, thank you for all of your help. I really don't think I could have done it without you. I know I could never have written my resume, cover letter and key selection criteria like you did. I thought I knew the 'answers' as I have conducted a lot of interviews, but being on the 'other' side is certainly very different, so thank you for suggesting the interview coaching. I don't know when I have ever made such a valuable investment.

Andrew (Creswick) Director

Hi Bernadette, I got the job that we strategically targeted.  First time!

John (Geelong) Engineering

Hi Carmel, thank you for writing such outstanding documents for such a specialised field and line of work. I will be forever grateful to you as now I can continue to help those who really need me.

Petra (Ballarat) Psychiatrist

Hi Bernadette, Instant feedback, I got a phone call within 30 minutes after sending the email.  Thank you

Gary (Melbourne) Sales Representative

Hi Carmel, thank you for the best resume, cover letter and key selection criteria. I never thought I would get a job at the Council but thanks to you, I did. Thanks a million.

Peter (Ballarat) Horticulture

Hi Bernadette, Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your work in helping me with the Key Selection Criteria statement (and everything else!). I couldn’t have done it without you and……..I got a call today from the University, my interview is next week, I’m really looking forward to it and fingers crossed I get the job.

Kim (Geelong) Human Resources/Payroll

Hi Bernadette, I just want to say thank you for your support that you have given me whilst writing my resume, it brought good news.  I got the job after two interviews and within 1 week of using your service. Thank you

Felipe (Melbourne) Environmental Scientist and Engineer

Carmel, I just had to email you to say thank you for writing me the best resume and cover letter for the most difficult 'to get into' industry! I was applying for about 10 jobs a week, then I was referred to you by my friend and wow! Bingo! I got a job with great hours and great people to work with. Drop in for a meal one day.

Katie (Ballarat) Hospitality

Hi Bernadette, Have been meaning to message you for a few days now.  Just got back home, looking for work.  You're not going to believe this, I was applying for positions like you suggested (to make sure my resume got to the top of the pile).  I dropped my FIRST resume in, within HALF an hour, I landed an interview!!!! I stopped handing resumes out, in case I got too many interviews and couldn't decide which one to take.  Thank you so much for putting me down on paper and "selling" me....I could NOT have done it without your help!!

BJ (Melbourne) Logistics

Hi Bernadette, Hope all is well. Just letting you know I have just received a job offer as a service technician. It was the third job I applied for with my new resume. I actually applied for the same job a month before and didn’t get a hit with the old resume, so it proves it definitely works. I have also passed on your contact details to a few other people. Many thanks for all your help.

Regards David (Geelong) Service/Maintenance Technician

Hi Bernadette, Outstanding job you have done with my resume, well worth the investment.  Thank you for your professionalism and assistance. You are AMAZING!!

Terry (Geelong) Carpenter/Building Supervisor

Hi Carmel, I just wanted to thank you after ten years in the same profession it was very daunting to attempt to find a new career. The resume helped gain me an interview with an organisation I previously hadn't secured an interview with. We then had interview counselling/coaching, it helped me so much to think about and receive feedback. You have been approachable and have helped me build confidence in so many ways. I also had my son work with Carmel with similar results. I have recommended Carmel to many of my friends and colleagues even though we live in another state her service, knowledge and ability are second to none. Thanks so much Carmel and I look forward to our long-term collaboration.

Sue (Queensland) Sonographer

Hi Bernadette, I have just finished an interview for a Human Resources role.  I am extremely happy with the resume that you wrote for me, as it has attracted a lot of interest from potential employers.  Thank you so much, I most definitely could not have written a resume of that calibre for myself.

Brooke (Melbourne) Human Resources

I could not recommend Carmel Brown's services as a Resume Writer highly enough. Carmel is very down to earth, pleasant and easy to deal with. Carmel spent a significant amount of time speaking with me to understand my background, key skills and experience to be able to market me to prospect employee's. After spending two years as a Casual Teacher it was a relief to have a professionally prepared resume to stand out from the hundreds of other job applicants.

After sending off Carmel's prepared resume I received a job interview within an hour!! I now have a new teaching job for 2014 and the money I spent/invested is only a small amount considering the outcome that it delivered for me as an individual.
Lachlan (Geelong) Graduate Teacher

Hi Bernadette, Based on my experience and my appointment with you, after you completed my resume (thankfully) I am now moving into a Project Management role.  I would like to pass onto you my thanks and appreciation of what you have done with my resume, cover letter and "SELF BELIEF".  Again thank you very much

Ian (Melbourne) Project Management

Hi Carmel, I had to write to you so I can share with your future clients the importance of having a "Professional" resume created to uniquely fit your skills rather than your life experience.  I had applied up to and including today 277 positions in 3 months with a couple of interviews. I put in my resume all that I had done in previous positions and left nothing out, I believed my experience would get me a job. Wrong, my resume was my undoing. It was about me not my skills. The feedback I got was that I was overly experienced. Then along came Carmel...

Carmel I cannot thank you enough for your assistance in creating a resume with "skills specific" rather than a "look at me". It was your expertise and precise information that you gathered in our conversations that supplied me with a resume that I am proud of. This same precision was applied to my husband's resume as well. Within 48 hrs of Damens' resume being submitted he secured an interview and was offered employment. I have submitted my NEW resume for 3 positions, receiving an email advising of the 1st interview early November with a government associated business. The 2nd application again being successful starting in Mid December. Then today I received an offer with the 3rd application in the CBD with a Government body, they read my resume and decided to call me regarding employment, on the phone they offered to employ me on my "skills" and asked if I could start next week. Carmel I know 110% it was your experience and expertise in the recruitment industry that gave me these 3 opportunities, ALL IN 2 WEEKS, you are amazing. Thank you from both of us.

Lorraine (Geelong) Government - Administration

Damen (Geelong) Civil Construction/Labouring

Hi Bernadette, I have managed to find a job - yay!  I am now working for Dept of Human Services full time. I have forwarded your details onto some friends whom I'm sure will be using your services soon!!

Thanks, Joyce (Melbourne) Child Protection Practitioner

Hi Carmel, I do want to thank you for the invaluable advice, and the exceptionally brilliant resume you produced. You definitely helped me achieve my first job, so I cannot thank you enough for that! :)  If I go to apply for jobs in another field, I will definitely be seeking your help to cater my resume to suit that field. Again, thank you so much!!!!

Dani (Ballarat) Retail/Customer Service

Hi Bernadette, I applied for one job and got it so a big thankyou from my end on your work. The Recruitment Agency even commented on how well structured it was!!

Thanks again Marcus (Melbourne) Production Manager

Hi Carmel, I just wanted to thank you for your efforts in doing up my resume, cover letter and key selection criteria for me. I had an interview for the job on Wednesday and what do you know, I got it!!! Thank you so much for your efforts to do it all at such short notice I really appreciate it!!!! Everything was perfect! So I just wanted to say a big thank you and no doubt you’ll be hearing from me again in the future. Hopefully we can keep up our 100% success rate!

Andree (Horsham) Government - Corporate Resources Officer

Hi Carmel, The process of resume writing and interview coaching was great! It improved my confidence a lot! I had barely made an interview before seeking your help and services and I had never made it passed a HR person in about 2 years! From that, to making it to the final 20% (I quote from a leading jeweller HR "Only 20% of people ever get an interview with regional management") was a great turn-around and it even paid off in my confidence with answering the questions at the interview.  So thank you!!

James (Ballarat) Retail Management/Training Position

Hi Carmel, Thank you!! For everything! I shall certainly be recommending you and the fact that I didn't even have to leave my own home to do it all!! It was just great! This would be a great feature to promote your online resume service for those who are unable to meet with you face-to-face. Let's face it we all love the saying "let your fingers do the walking".  So thank you very much for your help as this was the job I really wanted! Yeah!! Woohoo!!

Rhonda (Geelong) Medical Administration Position (Government)

Hi Bernadette, l am now working as a building supervisor with a Geelong company. My resume definitely assisted in this result.  Thank you.

Darren (Geelong) Building Supervisor 

Hello Bernadette, you completed my resume a few months ago. As I am in a specialised industry you did a fantastic effort in completing my resume. Prior to that I did not receive any calls or emails regarding prospective jobs but after the resume was completed I have been getting calls and even been selected for interviews. One company even flew my wife and I for an all expenses paid site visit after a successful interview. I would highly recommend the services of Bernadette to anyone who is seriously on the lookout for new jobs.

Edwin (Melbourne) Superintendent

Hi Carmel, Thank you so much for all of your support, advice and confidence you gave me to gain secure employment in the job I love!  I 'stood out' because of the professional documents you prepared for me including the resume, cover letter and exceptionally written key selection criteria(s).  The confidence you gave me after the formal interview coaching enabled me to 'nail the job'!  I would highly recommend you to anybody who is having trouble 'being noticed' and not being able to achieve the job of their dreams! Thank YOU!!

Frank (Ballarat) Personal Care Worker/Aged Care

Hi there Bernadette, I can confidently say I have found a job back in carpentry and I am loving it. When I went for the interview and showed them my résumé I could see they were very impressed with it. So thank you very much and I will keep you updated on how things go in the near future.

Scott (Melbourne)  Carpentry

Carmel, I got the job!! WOW! I could never have done it without you! I just recently moved to Ballarat and I did not know where to start! Phoning you was the best thing I have ever done.  Thank you for helping me settle into a new town, but most of all thank you for writing such a professional and unique cover letter and resume!  Thank you for providing me with formal interview coaching (and for teaching me the questions (and answers) employers ask at an interview! I had no idea??!!) and for giving me 'tips' and the confidence to not only apply for a job, but to 'nail' it!

Deb (Ballarat) Pharmacy/Dispensary Assistant

Bernadette, Well only two weeks ago I did not know where to turn, with your help and using my new resume and two interviews later I have a fresh start with a growing company and my future looks bright again. It is for an OH&S Management position.”

Glenn (Melbourne) OH&S Management Position

Hi Carmel, I am a PhD student at the University of Ballarat who attended your workshop on 11th April 2013.  I want to offer my special gratitude towards you for your great presentation and useful information!!!  It was a very useful and a fabulous workshop!!!  I would highly recommend this to anyone!!

Regards Parisa (Ballarat) PhD Student-FREE Resume Writing Seminar

Hi Bernadette, I saw you in February 2013 for assistance in preparing a Graduate resume.  You will be pleased to know that I have been quite successful so far with my graduate position applications.  Currently, I have sat through the assessment centre stage of recruitment with Australia Post and Telstra. Whilst at the Australia Post assessment centre, I asked them out of curiosity how many people had applied. There were a total of 1700 applications submitted!! whereby 1100 applications were rejected after the first 24 hours (just on the basis of the resume submitted!!) The resume you prepared got me through the initial application!! For my stream (Information Security), it has now been narrowed down to 7 candidates for the 1 position.  I will keep you posted. Thank you again

Kate (Melbourne) IT Position

Thanks Carmel for your outstanding cover letter and resume that made me stand out and get the job that I have always wanted!  The employer made a note on how impressed they were with the cover letter and resume and stated it was one of the best they had ever seen!! Your service that you provide is worth every dollar!  A real investment! I will be recommending you to anyone wanting to get a new job!! Thanks again

Luisa (Ballarat) Administration/Accounting Position

Hi Bernadette,  It has been 4 weeks since you created the best cover letter and resume for me, well that's what I was told when I attended my first interview.  The interviewer said, "This is the best cover letter she had ever seen!".  After two more interviews I got the job!! I believe it was your cover letter that you provided me that got me over the line.  Thanks again!

Lyn (Melbourne) Customer Service Position

Hello Carmel, your professional service, help and advice is a credit to you and your business. I had been employed with the same company for many years so when I had to start thinking about applying for another position due to lack of work from the company I was working for, I did not know where to start! I was quite frightened and bewildered and I was worried if I was even too old to re-enter the workforce! Without your outstanding written resume and cover letter, I would not have found another fantastic job which I am truly happy in - a happiness that I thought I would never feel again.  I am a brand new person! I've got a brand new job! A brand new confidence! I am a brand new me! Thank you so much!

Belinda (Ballarat) Financial /Business Analyst

Hi Bernadette, I have got very good news! Thank you so much!! I'm very happy that I found your ad in the newspaper.  If any of my friends ever need a resume, I will give them your contact details because not only did you help me with my resume and cover letter but you could always find the necessary words of support to make me feel confident when I was just about to give up! I really appreciate that!

Julia (Geelong) Education Sector/Teaching Position

“Thanks Carmel for the confidence you gave me. I was a little sceptical at first as the resume and letter were so different to anything I was sending out, but now I know why I wasn’t getting the job of my dreams. Your resume and key selection criteria landed me an interview first time. With your interview coaching I was ready! I aced the interview and now I’ve accepted my dream job. I will gladly recommend you to anyone looking for a new job. Your insights and experience are definitely worth the investment.”

Dan (Ballarat) Media/Executive Position

 Hi Bernadette, yes I've had ample replies back from all the right jobs and have secured a job in the mines in Perth.  Thanks to you, your CV has been a big help I have moved to Perth and doing really well.  Keep the good work up!!

Camille (Western Australia) Mining Position

Hello Bernadette, Thank you for your follow up, I got an interview after the very first application which happened not so long after you updated my résumé. You made my résumé look professional. I have good news to share with you today! I have started working as a Project Officer.. It's great to be back out there in the field. Thanks again and all the best. 

Charles (Melbourne) Project Officer Position

I recently made the decision to apply for work in the mines local to where I live in north Queensland. Over 10,000 applicants were recorded applying for a single position and I was fortunate enough to obtain an interview. I believe with confidence gained from Bernadette’s professional and specific resume as well as the insightful HR tips she passed on this contributed to the success of the interview. Thanks Heaps!! 

Aaron  (Queensland) Mining Position

Hi Carmel, I am so impressed with the efficiency of your work. It is refreshing after working for Government departments so long, to have someone get something done so quickly!  Keep up the GREAT WORK!!

Thank you - Tim (Ballarat) Government/Executive Position

Hi Bernadette, I am not sure how to put a testimonial on your website, so I decided to send you just an email:

Thank you for all your professional advice, help and encouragement over the past weeks. It has been a challenging time for me but you guided me through all the obstacles I have encountered.

I found the ideal job I was looking for and I could not be happier.

Thanks again. I would highly recommend you to anyone.

Stef (Melbourne) Administration Position

Hi Carmel just a quick but a HUGE Thank you for all of your help in professionally structuring my resume and cover letter. I STOOD OUT! I got the job! I have never had any luck in the past but after meeting you I finally got the job I have always wanted! I would highly recommend you to anyone who knows that they CAN do the job but never get noticed!  Thanks again!!

Ross (Geelong) Performance Analyst (Government Position)