Job Interview Coaching

Job Interview Coaching

Do you know the answers to the following Interview questions?

1)  What is your salary expectation and why?

2)  What are your weaknesses?

3)  How would you like me to remember you at the conclusion of our interview?

4)  Can you describe a time when you have gone above and beyond your line of work?

5)  Can you tell me something about yourself?

6)  Describe a time when you've had to adapt to change. How did you feel about it?

How do you know your answers are going to be right?


With 20+ years' experience in the Human Resources and Recruitment field we know the questions that prospective employers will ask you and with interview coaching provided by one of our friendly staff you will know the answers they are looking for!

The Interview Coaching can be provided face to face or online via Skype. You will be asked the common and not so common interview questions a prospective employer may ask you.  This includes the questions you weren't expecting to be asked, the difficult ones you will need to answer and the ones you may have never been asked before, including those challenging competency based/behavioural interview questions.  During the appointment we will ask you a number of questions, your responses will be documented and you will then be provided constructive feedback along with the right answers. This service also includes pre & post interview hints and tips.

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