Key Selection Criteria

Key Selection Criteria

Have you ever wondered if your Key Selection Criteria is up to the standard it needs to be?  

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  • Do you need to address Selection Criteria?  

  • Do you use the STAR or SAO approach?

Job selection criteria are also known as key selection criteria or KSC. They are designed to help make the most accurate match between the requirements of a position and the skills of an applicant. No matter how well qualified or suited you are to a position, if you do not address them when required, your application will not make it through to the interview stage. 

When you are applying for a position in Government, Council, the Public Sector, a University, a School and/or Not-For-Profit organisation, you will more than likely be asked to address Key Selection Criteria. If you are unsure whether Key Selection Criteria needs to be addressed, please feel free to email or call us and we will help you.  

Did you know that 95% of Organisations do not read your Résumé, Cover Letter and Key Selection Criteria?  Did you know that your documents maybe scanned via sophisticated software that only searches for the keywords?  It is a process of elimination and you will only be shortlisted IF your documents contain the right KEYWORDS!  

Do you know the answers to the following Criterion Points?  Which approach are you going to use?

  1. Excellent time management skills and administration skills;
  2.  Excellent written and communication skills and the proven ability to target these to specific audiences;
  3. Able to work autonomously or as part of a team;
  4. Excellent computer literacy and able to effectively use a wide range of programs.

How do you know your responses are going to be the right approach?


We at Proven Résumé Results are experts in this area! We know how to specifically meet, address and provide the examples that organisations are looking for.  Your Key Selection Criteria/Duty Statement must be 100% professionally and correctly addressed using the right approach, it must also be detailed and it must also be specific.

It is the first document in your application that Government organisations will be judging you on therefore, it needs to stand out. We know how to achieve this so Government organisations will then want to read your Résumé and Cover Letter resulting in an interview.

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